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The National Park Authority of Thailand

The National Park Authority of Thailand (Koh Lanta branch) is run by a muslim called Moot (or something like that). He's busy every morning checking the number of customers on every Koh Lanta dive boat and collecting the money due. On a good day, there are about 70 or 80 divers on all the Koh Lanta dive boats put together . At 200 Baht per head that amounts to an income of 14 000 or 16 000 Thai Baht per day ! And this is Koh Lanta alone ; there are ten or twenty times that number of divers in Phi Phi, Krabi, Khao Lak or Phuket . Conservative estimates point to a six-digit number per day or several million per month. Where all the money goes noone has any idea, because the National Park Authority professes to have neither the money nor the manpower to adequately protect the dive sites of the Andaman Sea. One doesn't know about the money, but they are certainly right about the manpower, because our local raghead is definitely not fit to protect the local dive sites from dynamite fishing, because when he's not out carousing, he's busy beating up his wife or selling cheap tickets to tourists, which is basically his major past-time.
So Thailand will continue to charge tourists excessive amount of money for the doubtful privilege  of visiting mediocre dive sites.
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