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Koh Lanta's Koh and Hin Bidah

Koh Bidah, is an uninhabited limestone island, also dived by Phi Phi dive centers, that provides dramatic wall diving, beautiful soft and hard coral and some of the most phenomenal aquatic life in the whole of Thailand. Schooling Tuna, Barracuda and Sharks are almost guaranteed ! !

Koh Bidah Nai or Fantasy Rock as it is more commonly known around here is a rocky outcrop nestled just behind the north side of Koh Bidah. Hard and soft corals in all shapes and sizes abound here alongside a vast amount of Indian Ocean reef and pelagic fish.

Hin Bidah is a small exposed rock that drops below the surface in all directions to provide beautiful coral gardens and a home for leopard sharks and the rare, and in Thailand almost extinct, shovel-nose ray.

Dive Sites of Koh Lanta
Koh Lanta's Hin Bidah and Koh Bidah
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