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Founded in December 1993 on the island of Ko Lanta, The Dive Zone had looked back on seven years experience diving the finest dive sites of the southern Andaman Sea before closing down permanently. Much has happened since those early days: Electricity has reached the island, Saladan town has seen the opening of its first bank, and two years ago Koh Lanta's one dirt road, which runs down the islands north-south axis, has finally received a tarmac coating, which of course didn't last for more than a couple of months. And when last season the Island even got connected to the telephone network, we knew that the twentieth century had finally arrived; whatever will they think of next . . . ?Macha Nou  Our shop has also seen some expansion since the days. Whereas we started off with twenty tanks, one single BAUER mariner compressor and eight sets of equipment, our shop last season boasted twenty full sets of equipment, fourty tanks and a filling station with two fully operational compressors. While back in the early days our guests had to make their way to our pier as best they could, we even offered pick up service in our very own pick up truck. Ain't tachnology something ?
Now, finally, in December 2001, we decided to call it quits and close our business, not only because of old age and little tweaks and twinges here and there, but also to make way for the younger generation of Koh Lanta dive operators in their air-conditioned offices and with their mobile phones glued to their ears. Long may their lum reek !
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